The national stadium (bird's nest) is located in the south of the central area of Beijing Olympic park, the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.The project covers a total area of 21 hectares with about 91,000 spectator seats.The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and paralympic games, athletics and football finals were held.After the Olympic Games, it has become a large professional place for Beijing citizens to participate in sports activities and enjoy sports entertainment, and has become a landmark sports building and Olympic legacy.
Designed by Jacques herzog, DE meuron, ai weiwei and li xinggang, the stadium was built by Beijing urban construction group.The shape of the stadium is like the nest and cradle of life, holding the hope of mankind for the future.The designers did not do anything superfluous to the pavilion, leaving the structure exposed, thus naturally forming the appearance of the building.
       Construction started on December 24, 2003 and was completed in March 2008, with a total cost of 2.267 billion yuan .As a national landmark, the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games, the national stadium structure features very significant.The stadium is a special class sports building and a large stadium.The design service life of the main structure is 100 years, the fire resistance grade is grade 1, the seismic fortification intensity is 8 degrees, the underground engineering waterproof grade 1.
In April 2014, China's top ten contemporary architecture review committees initially evaluated 20 buildings from more than 1,000 landmark buildings in China based on four indexes including age, scale, artistry and influence.The result is ten contemporary buildings.Beijing bird's nest -- national stadium is one of the buildings listed in the preliminary evaluation .The renovation of the national stadium, an ice sports venue for the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, will begin in early 2020.